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So here's what's up. We've been developing our own game as a side-project for about two and half years now. We are not anywhere near an actual public release date, as it's been a side project. Obviously with Storm8 Ending these games we need to act fast and shift our focus.

That being said, here are some facts:

  • Our Game Is Not A Direct Clone Of Any Storm8 Game.
  • We Do Have A Title, we are not ready to announce it yet.
  • Gameplay will be similar to storm8 games, but not identical.
  • Game Will Be Free To Play, With In-Game Purchases of mostly 'costmetic' items. We will be doing everything in our power to avoid the 'pay-to-win' model.
  • S8Wares Paying Customers will get exclusive early closed alpha access, help shape and tune the game.
  • We are driving towards having this alpha access ready by the Oct, 26th 2015.
  • We are working on a tool to record your stats from storm8 games. *-Further Reading Below.

*- We are working on a tool to record your stats from storm8 games. These stats will be used to reward your s8 progress but will not directly translate into our game. Meaning if you have a level 300, you won't be a level 300 in our game. But we'd like to reward you in a way that scales accordingly.

*- During the exclusive early closed alpha access the game will be a playground. We ask you to work closely with us so that we can fine tune every aspect of the game. This means we will be able to directly set levels, income, items, etc... for you. This will be fun, but temporary as we expect to reset before the initial public release. There will be in-game rewards to all of the loyal alpha members. We don't know what that will be quite yet. But if you participate, you will help determine what that is.

We apolgize in advance for being unresponsive. We've got alot of work to do.

We Will have more to announce shortly. We are scrambling to get things in order. Storm8 Has Forced Our Hand Here.